Calne Town and Calne Without Parish Council are embracing the Localism Act and are set to work on a Neighbourhood Plan to safeguard and future proof the Calne and Calne Without neighbourhood area.  To ensure development follows infrastructure, not the other way around, ensure the creation of employment, to tackle issues important for the town and surrounding parishes and create a framework of where and how we can acheive the community’s aspirations for the future.  Equally, it will protect the community’s heritage and improve and support tourism in the area.

The plan area will encompass Calne Town and Calne Without parish boundaries.  Calne Without Parish encircles Calne Town almost in it’s entirety and shares common concerns and issues, most notably relating to development pressures, transport and employment View map here.

A steering group is up and runnning and is made up of members of the local community, town and parish councillors.

YOUR COMMUNITY NEEDS YOU…….if there are any members of the public with an interest, local knowledge and/or expertise they feel could benefit the group they will be welcomed with open arms!

For too long communities have not had a big enough say in what happens in their local area – whether it be about what happens to local amenities, how local services are delivered, or how new development is planned – NOW IS OUR CHANCE, LET’S NOT WASTE IT.

To get involved or find out more, please contact Clare Harris at or call 01249 814000.

More infomation on Council Site