With all the formalities now been completed with Wiltshire County Council, Calne Town Council and Tesco’s the Calne Springs team can now begin to actively promote usage of the showroom to businesses and community groups within the greater Calne area.

The Showroom has a number of tables and chairs a kitchentte and a disabled toilet and can be used for a variety of purposes that can include exhibitions, meetings, awareness days and promotional business events.

There will be an allocation of days that will be offered free of charge to community groups and charities that are working in the Calne area, this will allow them to make the public aware of the work they carry out and how we as a community can support this, it can also be when a national campaign is happening and a local group can use the facility to support the initiative, a good example of this would be fair trade week.

It has also been decided that a number of indoor Sunday markets will be held at the Showroom to assist local Traders. A business can book the Showroom and use it for a charge to promote their services and catch potentially a high number of footfall traffic they may not see in their present location, another great idea is for a number of complementary businesses to share the costs and work together to hold a marketing day.

Bookings for the Showroom and markets are through this website. To book click this link Booking

It is now up to the community groups charities and businesses to use the Showroom to promote themselves and Calne to a wider audience.
It has taken a lot of hard work and patience to get this unique facility so it is up to the community to use it and promote Calne.

This new website has been funded by the profits that have been generated from the street markets and the Calne town guide that has been produced by the team and falls within the remit it has which is to reinvest any surplus back for the benefit of town and surrounding areas.