Calne Town Crier Mark Wylie will soon be returning to the Bermuda International Town Criers Competition to defend the title he earned in 2015.

The three day event begins on 18th April and attracts the very best town crier talent from around the world. Mark was stunned and delighted to be named the inaugural Commonwealth Champion in 2015 having won all three days at the event.

The priority at these competitions is to be an ambassador for your town. Mark said, “If I can spark the interest of people across the Atlantic to learn more about Calne, and hopefully visit our delightful town one day, then I have done my job.  If I can also spread good will among those I meet, so much the better.  If, by God’s grace, I come home with a trophy, well, that’ll be just lovely.”

This year the competition will be hosted at St George’s in Bermuda. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and this year celebrates 20 years of twinning with Lyme Regis in Dorset. The competitors must write and perform cries of no more than 125 words on set subjects in each round of the competition. On day one the topic is “Lyme Regis & St. George’s Twinning 20th Anniversary”, followed by a cry of their choice on day two and finally “Sir George Somers – Catalyst for the Historic Atlantic Triangle” on the last day.

Mark Wylie has held the position of Calne Town Crier since 2007, and attends many civic and community events in the town. Later this year Mark will be hosting Calne Town Criers Competition on Saturday 30th September. Spectators are welcome to enjoy the competition on Beach Terrace from 11am.