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Here at Avant-Garde we supply you with all you need to get started in the art and craft world, or to continue and grow an existing passion. From canvasses to card-making supplies we have it all!

We stock a large variety of oil, acrylic and watercolour materials, so whether you are just starting out in the art world, or are a professional painter, we stock everything you need.

We are very excited about our new printer cartridges, which support a broad range of printer models. We also have a variety of photo paper for all the budding photographers out there!

Another addition is our ever-growing jewellery-making station, which is a perfect past-time for all ages.

Come and visit us to discover a new world of art and craft!

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Here you can find out about the products we have in stock and keep up to date with our latest news. If you cannot find the item you need, please give us a call as we are always happy to order in for our customers.​​