The John Bentley School is a community-focused academy set in the heart of stunning Wiltshire countryside in the historic town of Calne. Dedicated teaching and support staff provide students with an inspirational learning environment and are committed to ensuring every student achieves more than they ever thought possible.

This is an exciting time to be viewing The John Bentley School. Our school which sits at the heart of the Calne community and surrounding area is moving from strength to strength as we embark on a new chapter in our 350 year history. As the Principal at The John Bentley School it is my honour and privilege to be leading the school forward into the future supported by a wonderful team of staff and a hard working governing body. Together we have devised a long term vision where The John Bentley School is viewed as an ‘Outstanding Centre for Learning’. At the heart of this vision is our desire for the children of Calne and the surrounding area to achieve more than they ever thought possible. This will be achieved by a daily experience of inspirational and engaging teaching in a learning environment which is second to none.

I believe that our pupils are extraordinarily fortunate to have such a wonderful school on their doorstep which is outward looking towards our local, national and international community. I am confident that the opportunities they enjoy on a daily basis will set them up for life and allow them to thrive in an ever more complex and challenging world. So much so that I don’t want you to simply take my word for it but instead come in and see the school for yourself. Every day is an open day at The John Bentley School and I encourage you to make contact with us and pay us a visit.

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