Saint Edmunds Catholic Primary School

Saint Edmunds Catholic Primary School

Set over 54 arcs the site combines state of the art facilities with stunning surroundings. Under soil drainage keeps all eleven football pitches and cricket outfield in top class condition. This allows for all year round practice, matches and tournaments for both young and old. The floodlit hard-court gives a home to small training sessions and various court games. In September 2010 Calne Town Council was awarded £9,000 from Awards for All to purchase a set of portable flood lights to increase the number of training sessions during the winter months.

The whole facility has been designed to be environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint. It is set back from the ring road, easy to find, with ample parking and it is the ideal location to hire for both sport and conferences.

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Saint Edmunds Catholic Primary School

Our school is a community in which children are helped to live first and foremost as children, enjoying the experience of childhood and not just as preparation for life as future adults. From the outset we recognise and respect the value, dignity and individuality of each child.