TGI Solutions

TGI solutions has over 25 years development experience – with skills based around artwork and core business process automation.
I am a FileMaker Certified Developer and have achieved major industry recognition for skill and expertise across a host of delivery solutions.
Offering expertise in system-based scripting, FileMaker Pro, database integration and web based systems.
Providing solutions for pre-press, retail, office-based admin and many other business critical tasks.
I have gained a enviable reputation for consistently delivering on projects from traditional artwork, new media systems and business automation.
Using core skills to create advanced solutions that address the real issues confronting clients.
I have a deep understanding of the use of computer technology in business system solutions, a willingness and ability to undertake small or large projects and an intimate working knowledge of Apple technology.

Business Address: 34 Meadowsweet Drive, Calne Contact Details: 07813 214 129 or

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